My Happy Clients…...

The kind and considerate way she asks…

Having recently downsized to a 1 bed retirement apartment, I was struggling to dispose of sentimental possessions I no longer had room for, not to mention a load of other “stuff” acquired over the years.  I soon realised I needed help and that I would need confidence in someone special to declutter my most personal belongings.

Dee was the perfect choice for this task.  She works quickly, efficiently and with an infectious enthusiasm. We were soon working together as an effective team.  For me, her particular strength is the kind and considerate way she asks whether I am ready to let an item go from the past thus helping to achieve a more organised future.  I am encouraged when I look at what has been accomplished so far - easy to keep tidy now - and look forward to working with her again soon. 


Debbie J Alcester

Thank you…

A lovely ‘Thank you’ card from a gentleman who asked for my help in decluttering and organising his flat in Tewkesbury.




Darin, Tewkesbury

“At Once I Felt at Ease in Dee’s Company…”

The plan for ten years has always been to knock through from the main house to the office area and then convert the adjoining garage. Unfortunately, over the years the office area has become a storage area for office type things but also a whole host of other objects like portfolios of artwork, chairs, bikes, carpets etc. The knowledge that this space had got to be sorted ready for the knock through and conversion was a constant weight on my shoulders.

I found a link to Dee’s website easily via the Association of Professional Declutters & Organisers website. The information on Dee’s website is informative, friendly and open in style. I contacted Dee via email and she replied promptly. The initial consultation to meet Dee and for her to assess the area to be de-cluttered was an hour I will never forget. Dee arrived as my husband was leaving to take my son to his swimming lesson. This left myself and my three-year old daughter to tell Dee about the problem that needed to be solved.

At once I felt at ease in Dee’s company and over coffee we chatted about the problem. My three-year old daughter was vying for my attention and Dee calmly gave me instructions to allow us to continue to talk but also engage my daughter in an activity. Many of my friends have been keen to find out how the de-cluttering experience has gone and from the initial consultation meeting I have described Dee as Mary Poppins. Her experience of working with children is a clear asset in interacting and engaging with my children to the sorting out of many children’s items including pushchairs, car seats and toys. Nothing phases Dee!

Through Dee’s decluttering experience and knowledge, she quickly assessed the contents of the office space and what was needed on the de-cluttering days to ensure the process ran smoothly. Dee and I spent one and half days de-cluttering. Her calm, organised and methodical approach meant that our goal was reached with ease. Dee’s knowledge of what to do with every item that is being sorted is fantastic and reassuring. Many items went to charity and Dee kindly took some of these items to a charity shop for me.

Dee is my Mary Poppins! The experience has been liberating! Dee’s friendly, non-judgmental approach and constant can-do attitude is inspiring. I have already been planning when I can next use her services for larger areas to de-clutter. The de-cluttering experience has been infectious and a wave of small scale sorting is now taking place in our home!


Clare, Redditch

The Beautiful Barn…

I am so grateful and thankful for the intuition which led me to Dee’s website. On an impulse I took the plunge and phoned her to see if she could help my family regain the control we felt we were losing by living in a home with too much stuff and therefore being somewhat disorganised!

From that very first contact Dee has been warm, professional and full of enthusiasm for what we felt to be rather a daunting task! With her positive direction and supportive guidance in six days Dee has transformed the interior of our house by curling back the layers of clutter and disposing of anything unnecessary with wonderful vision to reveal the beautiful home we’ve had all along.

Truly she has been like a fairy godmother, waving her magic wand over our home! There are so many superlatives we could use to describe Dee: inspirational, sensitive, boundlessly energetic and incredibly hard-working to name but a few.

There is no question that is too small for Dee to give it her full attention. She mentally logs anything needed and goes to a great deal of effort to source the smallest details. Her creative, out-of-the-box thinking and eye for detail are exciting and innovative.

She has shown us genuine care throughout our journey together and we will miss her infectiously cheerful and lighthearted company. Dee is truly talented at what she does and we wholeheartedly recommend her…we are completely and utterly Dee-lighted!’


Julie, Cheltenham

Honest, Efficient and Personable Service…

…9 hours later, and  Dee of Diggory Lifestyle  has decluttered our huge garage! Honest, efficient and personable service RECOMMEND highly.

She knows how to recycle almost everything we no longer required and organised the last bits for hubby; and arranged for a couple of valuations. The Charity, Refuge and the  local Charity Shops are getting stuff to help support their clients . We will be asking for her help again after a few weeks to attack the kitchen. THANK YOU DEE


Bette, Stratford Upon Avon

Old Town Garage…

On downsizing and moving to Stratford-upon-Avon we found that we had far too many belongings to fit into the new house and on the removal day many items were consigned to the garage which was quickly full. In the following weeks some items were moved from the garage but a full clearance was delayed because of exhaustion. After three years it was time to do something and we were fortunate to find Dee Hope from Diggory Lifestyle. Dee came to have a look at the job and there was no sucking on teeth about the size or complexity of the task and she was totally optimistic and unfazed by the job.

Dee asked many questions as to what we wanted and came up with a raft of answers to issues that had not even occurred to us. She clearly had contacts for the issues which did arise. Her ‘can do’ approach was comprehensive and reassuring.

On the big day Dee was incredibly smartly turned out having in mind the job she was doing and her estimate of time for the job was spot on, she having arrived bang on time. She was able to dispose of anything we deemed as rubbish. Items which may have had some value she took away and checked for value and reported to us.

She has terms of business which were entirely straightforward. We can happily recommend Dee and Diggory Lifestyle for jobs which so many of us put off for years and which when completed give an enormous sense of relief.


Colin, Stratford Upon Avon

The Great Outhouse Declutter…

Dee came to empty and decluttter an outhouse building that had accumulated a vast amount of ‘stuff’ over the years some of which would still be worthy of keeping but a lot would be ready to be recycled or disposed of.

There seemed so much now that I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of a) getting it all out and b) sorting through it and making decisions on whether or not to keep things. On the arranged day I needed to attend an emergency appointment at the eye hospital but Dee carried on without me and called or text me with anything she needed a decision on but due to the high detail taken during the consultation visit and follow up proposal Dee needed very little guidance from me on the day. I came home to a beautifully tidy outhouse and organised sections of items recycle or dispose.

Having Dee come and oversee the whole exercise was a dream come true, she’s a wonderful lady, took control and got the job done with no fuss, perfect! If you are thinking about hiring Dee, DO IT it will be money very very well spent.


Shelley, Birmingham

The Great Garage Dee-clutter…

Our garage was full of objects we had hoarded over the years - “in case they came in useful”! We had far too much “stuff”, couldn’t see the wood for the trees and were unable to find many items without risk of an accident! Dee has spent two half-days with us de-cluttering our garage.

Dee was amazing! She helped us tackle the garage with enthusiasm, created order where there was chaos, and ensured that special zones were created for groups of items, such as tools and golf clubs. Dee was efficient and effective without being high-handed or dogmatic. She advised us, yet consulted us, on everything. We sorted things that needed to go to refuse, recycling, charity shops or even be sold.

As my husband said afterwards “I have learned how important it is to group all items together of a certain type before deciding what to do with them, and, after getting rid of clutter, create zones for the items to be kept”.

The garage is now a completely different place and we feel so much happier. We couldn’t have done it without Dee and we intend to ask Dee back to tackle the remaining areas of our house over the next few months.


Ruth, Kenilworth

Well ‘hello’ beautiful wardrobe!

Dee is a fantastic professional to work with. She came to my house full of enthusiasm, determination, focus and professionalism.

She helped me rediscover my wardrobe. It wasn’t just about giving it a tidy and throwing out stuff I didn’t need anymore, Dee created a whole new working system for me.

Most of the clutter went to good charitable causes to benefit others.

It’s the best thing I have done in 2016! I just wish I had done it ages ago. Thank you Dee. 


Sukh, Solihull

If you are a Muddled…

If you are a muddled ‘messy’ like me, Dee’s help is invaluable. She is a fantastic organiser and de-junker! She is very pleasant, friendly, efficient, hard working and good company, so makes all the throwing out almost a pleasure.

Dee also aims to recycle whatever can be used again, which left me with a clear conscience, in the knowledge that those ‘valuable items’ which I couldn’t bare to part with, will be re-cycled. She has a place or contacts to which almost everything can go.

I was very glad to have her help, and look forward to the next time.


Jill, Stratford Upon Avon

Our heartfelt thanks to you Dee!…

Dee is a unique and special person; she possesses incredible, infectious personal energy and enthusiasm, elite organisation skills combined with personal warmth and genuine care for her clients.

Dee spent a number of days working with us as a family and was instrumental in helping us review and reorganise our home (including shared family spaces, home office, and 3 bedrooms belonging to a 5 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old …. so you can imagine :)! Together we tackled every room, a vast amount of items which were outgrown or had served their purpose were, with Dee’s help donated, sold or recycled and all rooms and remaining items were reorganised and restructured in a way designed to make day to day living easier and more enjoyable.

Dee is highly resourceful and well networked, having solutions and suggestions for a wide spectrum of organisation related needs and challenges (and indeed wider related areas such as personal wellbeing) in both a personal / home environment and in a Corporate / commercial context.

Working with Dee was a liberating and truly valuable experience. Dee’s expertise is incredible value for money, I would absolutely recommend Dee and would encourage anyone considering Diggory Lifestyle to take the pro-active step of contacting Dee to learn more about what can potentially be achieved in your life and home, in a very short time, with expert focus and practical help. Our heartfelt thanks to you Dee!


Rachael, Leamington Spa

She was like a breath of fresh air!

Having familiarised herself with the team and our priorities, she set about my paperwork. She collected all the papers on and in my desk and from my In-tray and briefcase, and systematically went through them. We agreed what could be filed, what I had to action and when, what she could deal with, and what to delegate and what to shred. All obvious stuff (but you never have the time to do the obvious unless helped), and done in an efficient, supportive and encouraging style, which immediately brought a significant lightening of my workload.

Her personal efficiency programme is a powerful method for freeing up time and ensuring focus on priorities. It works because it complements her confidence and all round ability.


Rob Hudson, AXA Insurance

Dee, many thanks to you…

Dee, many thanks to you for the motivation and organisation to get this day off the ground. It was essential for us to have your drive to get it to a point where we executed the Great Garage Clear out with your invaluable support.


Chris Larkin, Director of Pure Sales Consulting Limited

Dee it was great fun…

Dee it was great fun to do the wardrobe dee-clutter with you; talk about going down memory lane; I found things I forgot I had and can’t believe I wore! Now looking forward to the new wardrobe!


Stella Taylor

Dee thank you so much…

Dee thank you so much for your calm support, we were so stressed, but we needn’t have been, you kept us focused and the packing-up of the house went really well and the best thing – we got rid of so much junk before our move!


Amanda Reynolds

Dee thank you for your invaluable…

Dee thank you for your invaluable help to sort out our son’s room, I forgot the carpet was beige! He won’t recognise it when he comes home for the holidays!


Ellen Foster

Dee, thanks so much for the support…

Dee, thanks so much for the support, help and problem solving. Just having a listening ear was enough to help me move forward, let alone the de-cluttering and proactiveness that followed! My confidence has soared and I’m finally being the organised mum I’ve always wanted to be!

I love, love, love the tickle system. So simple and definitely the missing ingredient in what I have been trying to do. I can always find everything now and the best thing about it is I can’t loose it! I’ve ditched all the diaries, organisers, folders – everything that I hoped would organise me, and didn’t. It’s liberating!!!…and I still can’t believe how simple it is!


Jeni Thompson

Dee, I would like to thank you…

Dee, I would like to thank you for your help and support over the past month. Becoming a PA has been challenging and hard work as well as building my own working systems from scratch. I feel so much more confident within my role and highly organised thanks to your impressive systems and constant flow of suggestions and advice.

My desk is looking unbelievably tidy as all paperwork is filed away in the correct place but still in reach. My Outlook calendar was once empty but it is now full of appointments, reminders and to-do’s which is great as now I have a daily schedule to work to. The signature file is brilliant, now I have a place to file all the paperwork for my boss! The meetings and weekly phone calls have been so beneficial, knowing that I am progressing has boosted my confidence greatly.


Michelle Jenkinson, Bigrock Consulting

I hired Dee when I first moved…

I hired Dee when I first moved back to the UK and needed someone to be my eyes and ears to help me find a house. Her help was invaluable and more importantly: 100% accurate. Dee helped me find the perfect place for my family and I.

Trusting someone else to handle the important details isn’t easy when you’re a control freak like me. But with Dee, I knew it was handled, and from the very first conversation I relaxed.

Excellent value for money…in fact, in my opinion, Dee is undercharging for her service. I would have happily paid her 2 or 3 times as much without pause.


Ash Goodman, Father, husband, business man, control freak. Dee’s client.