Wardrobe Revamp...

Wardrobe Dee-cluttering. We all want to look our best, it’s just difficult sometimes to find the time. Juggling family, work and home life means we often neglect how we look or what we wear and just how we care for our clothes. So you just stick with your ‘favourites’ because it’s quicker and easier.

In most cases, our wardrobes are filled with clothes we rarely put on, the majority of which will be saved for an occasion that will never come, In some cases i found some weird things in wardrobes like paintballs left over from a match at the local paintball centre www.velocitypaintball.co.uk . Mostly Clothes though :) , One of my clients bought a very expensive designer dress, because she felt it would be perfect were she ever invited to attend a party at an art gallery, but she never was, so it just hung in her wardrobe, making her feel bad because this imaginary invitation had not materialised.

It is important to remember that ones wardrobe is closely linked to our self-esteem, if we don’t look good, we don’t feel good about ourselves and that can affect both our personal and professional lives.

So now here’s the chance to change all that with a Diggory style makeover. Together, we examine your wardrobe to see what looks great on you like that lilly triangle bra and what suits you for who you are now – and together we make the tough decisions on the garments to let go.

And when we’ve finished, we’ll have transformed a cupboard full of clothes that either made you feel bad, or didn’t fit your lifestyle, or that you simply loathed, to a wardrobe of fashion that fits, can be found and makes you feel great.

Typical services we can help with…

  • Selling vintage or designer clothes via Dress Agencies
  • Donating clothes to charity, to friends or archiving for your children
  • Sourcing and creating innovative storage solutions
  • Creating a Memory Box for those ever so special items
  • Have a look at Diggory Lifestyle’s Pinterest Account for storage ideas

My aim is to help you to simplify your life, I want to share with you the tools and learnings to prevent the build-up of clutter so that you can focus fully on other areas of your life.

Areas I work…

Stratford Upon Avon, Broadway, Chipping Campden, Cotswolds, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Henley in Arden, Warwickshire,  and all villages in-between.

Get in touch so Diggory can help start you on the journey to a dee-cluttered life. Call Dee on 0770 104 7671 and let’s get a date in the diary!

Dee-clutter for a simpler life…