Terms of Business...


Our advice is given in good faith and it is always the Clients decision to accept guidance on whether or not to keep particular possessions. We cannot therefore accept responsibility for the consequences of such decisions, whether this be at the time of consultation, or at any subsequent or future date following our consultation.

From time to time, we handle items which have a potentially high market value. Whilst we will always use our best endeavours to identify such items amongst your possessions, you acknowledge that we are not valuer’s, nor do we have expertise to identify works of art or items of special value or rarity, nor are we qualified to advise on valuation matters for insurance purposes.


When handling goods belonging to Clients we endeavour to take great care of them. Nevertheless, accidents may occur. We shall not be liable for losses or damage, howsoever caused.


The Client is responsible for all decisions and outcomes pertaining to the disposal of items resulting from the dee-cluttering process. All items to be removed from a Client’s premises will be at the Client’s discretion and consent. Disposal will not take pace without the Client’s authorisation.


Diggory Lifestyle can suggest suppliers of other services and will always endeavour to ensure that they are suitably qualified and competent for the job; however we shall not be liable if any such supplier’s performance falls below an acceptable standard, nor for any loss or damage caused by any such supplier, its employees or agents.


Diggory is protected by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.00.


Initial Consultation is £50.00. Diggory Lifestyle will charge £35.00 per hour; weekends and Bank Holidays are charge at £45.00 per hour. Chargeable hours are calculated from the time of arrival until departure. A separate charge will be agreed with the Client for clearance and disposal,  £30.00 per Diggory Trailer load. Items delivered to charity shops, specialist shops or Dress Agencies in Diggory’s car, will be billed at the hourly rate, plus mileage. Diggory Lifestyle charges for travel .45p per mile. Expenses incurred on behalf of the Client are not included in any fees and will be billed to the Client at the end of the project. No additional expenses will be incurred without the express knowledge and authorisation of the Client.


Payment for the Initial Consultation and mileage is to be paid in advance of my visit. Also, it is my company’s policy to take the first Decluttering Session’s payment in advance, in the form of a deposit. 

The remaining payments will be due at the end of each day, cash, cheque, or Bank Transfer (BACS) payment.

Diggory Lifestyle is not VAT registered.


Payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS), cash or cheque. Cheque’s, should be made payable to ‘Dee Hope’. All invoices will be submitted in £-Sterling and will be subject to any bank charges related to bank transfers and credit/debit card handling charges. In the event of any Client cheque being refused by the bank, the Client will be responsible for all bank charges resulting from returned cheque.


Both the Client and Diggory Lifestyle have the right to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Dee-clutter sessions can be rescheduled as soon as it is convenient to both parties. If a dee-clutter session is not rescheduled, within 31 days then the first day’s deposit is non-refundable. NOTE: A client will be charge £35.00 for each declutter session cancelled without seven day’s notice to cancel.


Diggory Lifestyle provides a personal and confidential service and is fully compliant with the GDPR 2018. Any photographs, quotes and testimonials taken throughout the dee-clutter session/s will only be used for publicity purposes on Diggory Lifestyle’s blog, website, or social media with the knowledge and written consent of the Client. Diggory Lifestyle’s confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed; however we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested by the Client.