Diggory Lifestyle Management - wardrobe dee-cluttering & Personal Style and Shopping Experience

Wardrobe De-cluttering. We all want to look our best, if only we had the time. Juggling family, work and home life means we often neglect how we look or what we wear.

Our wardrobes are filled with clothes we rarely put on, the majority of which will be saved for an occasion that will never come. So you just stick with your ‘favourites’ because it’s quicker and easier.

So now here’s the chance to change all that with a Diggory style makeover. Together, we examine your wardrobe to see what looks great on you - and together we make the tough decisions on the garments to go.

And when we’ve finished, we’ll have transformed a cupboard full of clothes you loathe or ignore to a wardrobe of fashion that fits, can be found and makes you feel great.


Personal Style and Shopping Experience. The first step to a confident personal style and a wonderful new wardrobe is a Personal Style Consultation.

At Aston+Hayes we match you with a Personal Stylists and Image Consultant selected from our friendly and experienced team. In a three-hour session in your home you learn how to select the most flattering styles and colours of garments and accessories to compliment your taste, your figure and colouring, and your budget and lifestyle. You are given personalised and highly detailed garment and colour guides to help you shop and create the ultimate wardrobe.

Whether you want to invest in your career; gain confidence for a life change; boost your self-esteem; or simply dress to look taller and slimmer, a Consultation is a fascinating, valuable memorable and very enjoyable experience.

The second step is to begin to put your new wardrobe ideas into action with a three-hour escorted Personal Shopping trip. Banish shopping blues for ever and replace those wardrobe mistakes with gorgeous, wearable clothes that make you look and feel your confident best. As well as selecting flattering garments, your Personal Stylist can give you the successful shopping tips; introduce you to new labels and styles; or help you to style your outfits and accessories to create different looks.

Our gift to you…

At the beginning of your personal shopping experience you will be presented with £50.00 to put towards your brand new wardrobe.

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