Diggory Lifestyle Management - wardrobe crammed with old clothes

wardrobe crammed with old clothes

Wardrobe De-cluttering. We all want to look our best, if only we had the time. Juggling family, work and home life means we often neglect how we look or what we wear.

Our wardrobes are filled with clothes we rarely put on, the majority of which will be saved for an occasion that will never come. So you just stick with your ‘favourites’ because it’s quicker and easier.

So now here’s the chance to change all that with a Diggory style makeover. Together, we examine your wardrobe to see what looks great on you - and together we make the tough decisions on the garments to go.

And when we’ve finished, we’ll have transformed a cupboard full of clothes you loathe or ignore to a wardrobe of fashion that fits, can be found and makes you feel great.

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Don’t forget to look on our “premier package page” where you can upgrade the 'Wardrobe Dee-cluttering' to include a consultation with a personal image consultant from London's most premiere image consultants Aston+Hayes, and learn how to look and feel your absolute best, by dressing with a new-found confidence.

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