Diggory Lifestyle Management - moving house with a million things to do

moving house with a million things to do

Moving house? It's unbelievable how much clutter one accumulates over the years until you start packing to move home. So what better time to dee-clutter and throw out or re-cycle unwanted items?

I know it’s a busy time, and I also know how tempting it can be to just pack everything into boxes and worry about it later. But generally 'later' never comes because those boxes will litter the attic, glory holes and garage of your new home, and will likely remain there until it's time to move again!

But with a little time and help from Diggory, I can make the whole process much simpler, more efficient and much more rewarding.

With my help, I can keep you focused and motivated, to help you make the tough decisions on what to pack and what to dispose of - starting your new life clutter free!

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