Spectrum Training Programme

It is the most common business paradox. Highly-educated, well-trained professionals know their business inside out. They solve the most complex problems every day, demonstrating outstanding capability and commitment. Yet for all their expertise, they remain stressed, fighting the clock and their workload to complete their schedule.

The problem is this - they may know how to do the job, but not how to work efficiently and effectively. Like most people in business, they concentrate on the tasks in hand and ignore the daily organisation of working in an office and running a business.

Home life is just as overwhelming. Domestic book-keeping is a constant chore with its daily round of bill-paying and budgeting. Organising a social life, working round the children’s activity schedule in school and out, planning family visits, birthdays or a car service – keeping home and family in order can be as daunting as managing a business and eat into the little quality time that remains.

The ‘Spectrum’ Training programme is a proprietary programme built to pass on our knowledge for you to implement a more effective way of running your life. This simple programme offers insightful, individual training to help you control your life through greater efficiency and delegation.

The ‘Spectrum’ Training Programme comprises Seven layers of learning™. Conducted in your office or at home, we will take you through this outstanding process and ensure we bring you its full benefits including:

  • more free time to spend pursuing things you value most
  • improved effectiveness through greater efficiency
  • greater control over costs and workload
  • proper balance between office, family and friends

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The Spectrum programme is the ultimate self-support training system, adaptable in content to address your individual challenges of which are captured in your individual workbook, for you to get the most value from our expertise.

Diggory Lifestyle Management was created to make your life easier. Let us start today with our Spectrum Training Programme by completing the online Contact form or ring +44 (0) 207 856 2100.

Prices exclude VAT. Office hours are 08.30 to 18.00 GMT Monday - Friday. On-site visits will be billed for meeting time, roundtrip travel mileage at 40p per mile.

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