‘Red Eye’ Business Package

Tired of travelling, knowing you still have so much to organise when you are back in the office? The Red Eye business package is designed to support executives in their professional environment. We give you more control over your life, redressing the pressure of long hours by relieving you of the burden of day-to-day drudgery.

From organising an off-site day to scheduling your meetings, from co-ordinating international travel schedules, to typing up your meeting notes from your MP3 file, Diggory helps you increase profitability and performance by optimising your time to concentrate on the big issues.

And with your unique profile on the Diggory portal, you have complete information on our progress of each assignment with easy access to add new tasks.


Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Monthly subscription
Includes up to 8 hours service per month
£290.00 (debited via standing order)
Hourly rate after initial 8 hours £36.00 (billed separately via monthly invoice)

If you stay within the initial hours, for as little as £15.00 a day, your life will be organised, allowing you to focus on the important things and put the ‘colour’ back in your business life.

A quality service requires quality support. Diggory has recruited leading like-minded specialists and partnered with external consultancies to offer our Red Eye clients exceptional expertise across a wide range of services.

  • Travel – Diggory’s Business Travel Agent have extensive knowledge and experience in arranging detailed international travel itineraries, for the most discerning business traveller. Having captured all your travel preferences in your personalised portal, we can provide a door to door service, delivering tickets, scheduling your taxis, flights, trains, and hotel accommodation with minimal involvement from you – you will receive a full itinerary via email and all information will be entered into your personal portal calendar.
  • Sales & Marketing – With businesses´ renewed marketing efforts Diggory can assist in researching potential clients, preparing letters, reports, mail merges, mail shots and create compelling PowerPoint presentations.
  • Scheduling – Diggory can maintain your professional image and schedule your client meetings across all time zones and coordinate your business calendar – so you never have to be late for another meeting.
  • Copy Typing – When you come out of a meeting you can dictate your meeting notes into an MP3 file, send them to Diggory via email/Portal and your lifestyle manager will type them up for you.
  • Filing – Never lose another file. Diggory has designed many filing systems for busy executives ensuring finding files is an intuitive process.
  • Other services – If we have not listed what you are looking for, we will be flexible in delivering as wide a service as possible to meet your objectives.
  • Business Administration
  • Telephone and internet research
  • Event organisation
  • Website Design
  • Correspondence
  • Arrange corporate dinners
  • Corporate Podcasting
  • Voice-overs
  • Researching and purchasing corporate gifts
  • Dictation services
  • Copywriting services
  • Office makeover or Corporate relocation
  • Translation services
  • Other services required? Please contact us to see how we can support you.



Optimising your time and focusing on the important needs of your business by engaging Diggory can add real value to your bottom line – you focus on the big challenges and opportunities and we make sure you are efficient and effective, and supported to meet them head on.

Our sole objective is to make your life easier. Let us start today by completing the online Contact form or ring +44 (0) 207 856 2100.

Prices exclude VAT

The one-off Diggory membership fee includes initial set-up and the cost of all UK calls we make on your behalf, stationery and faxes. Our in-house time keeping technology means we can manage your personal time bank to the nearest minute. Office hours are 08.30 to 18.00 GMT Monday - Friday. All services requested by client outside this timeframe will incur the "after hours" rate of £75.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour) and will be invoiced separately. Tasks that do not fall within the scope of the clients 'Package' are billed at a standard rate £45.00 per hour and will be invoiced separately. On-site visits will be billed for meeting time, roundtrip travel mileage at 40p per mile. There is a four month commitment to the Yellow Brick Package.

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