Pitch & Putt Package

At Diggory we listen to what you want, and what you want when you have your hands full, is a ‘pay by the hour package’ - introducing Diggory Pitch & Putt.

I don't need membership, I just need support through this busy period, can you help?

Diggory Pitch & Putt is perfect for those of you who require lifestyle support, occasionally. You’re in a corner, out of your depth, up against the wire, Diggory can help, it’s realistic to assume we've done it before and know what the best solution is.

With Diggory’s Pitch & Putt you can use the service for more or less anything, business or pleasure. The everyday humdrum or the biggest problem - become our to-do list, not yours. Diggory’s staff are experienced, well-connected and self-motivated. Proactive in their support, they have unlimited scope to use their initiative, but work within the limits you set. You send us your task list, and your lifestyle enhancer will complete as many items on your to-do list as she can within the time purchased by using her expertise and contacts to get the right solution, with very little involvement from you, allowing you to get on with whatever you need to be doing.

With your dedicated lifestyle enhancer, the Diggory Pitch & Putt experience is 100% tailored to you - there when you need them, just like a good friend.


Hourly fee

£55.00 (Minimum 1 hour)

How can we help you at home?

  • All things Yellow Brick…
  • Gift ideas for your family and friends
  • Book tickets for the Theatre
  • Organise a Baby shower or Birthday party
  • Shopping for children, we have great ideas
  • Unusual and bespoke, let us create for you an experience
  • Find you a dog walker or a dog!
  • Organise quotes for for home improvements
  • Organise quotes for landscape gardening
  • Research what's going on in your area
  • Ideas for entertaining the children
  • Sell those unwanted gifts of E-Bay or E-Bid


Business as usual, how can we help?

  • All things Red Eye…
  • Business Administration
  • Inefficient, unstructured, poor processes – talk to us about Spectrum Efficiency Programme
  • Telephone and internet research
  • Mail Merge
  • Schedule appointments
  • Organise your calendar
  • Event organisation
  • Correspondence
  • Arrange corporate dinners
  • Corporate Podcasting
  • Other services required? Please contact us to see how we can support you.

Our sole objective is to make your life easier. Let us start today by completing the online Contact form or ring +44 (0) 207 856 2100.

Prices exclude VAT. Invoices submitted for payment upon completion of service. Payment terms 7 days. Office hours are 08.30 to 18.00 GMT Monday - Friday. On-site visits will be billed for meeting time, roundtrip travel mileage at 40p per mile.