‘Green Field’ Career Package

You may find your job unfulfilling or limited in its potential. You may simply want to change direction. Whatever your reason, leaving one employer for another is a fraught time.

Moving to pastures new is not just tough but often politically sensitive. You may prefer to avoid Headhunters and risk alarming employers or company PAs, yet there is still so much to put in hand. Appointments to be made and kept, intense preparatory work to be completed, travel arrangements to be organised - all immensely draining when trying to keep a clear mind for the interviews to come.

Letting Diggory take care of all arrangements will give you the best chance to fulfil your career choice.

Alternatively, you may be on garden leave, preparing yourself for the next challenge without any access to your office infrastructure or support from your previous business. Diggory can provide the PA support you are missing, maintaining your professional image as we co-ordinate headhunters, interviews and travel.

Most difficult of all could be the threat of redundancy, with its inherent stress and confusion. Confidence can be low, and you might feel isolated or alone. Not with Diggory on your side. Our confidential PA service will completely schedule your job-seeking. We will even represent you with headhunters or potential employees.

Diggory Lifestyle Management’s ‘Green Field’ career package has been specially created to help you concentrate on the important issues at the most difficult times; giving you the best chance for the career you seek.


Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Time bank of 8 hours service £320.00 (Top up with another bank of 8 hours when funds run out. Unused hours are not transferable to following month.)

Stay within 8 hours per month and for £16.00 per day you will have executive PA expertise. Invest your time by engaging Diggory, we will support you through this time of transition.

To explore the way Diggory can make give you the best chance to fulfil your career choice, please contact us via the Contact form or call us on +44 (0) 207 856 2100.

Prices exclude VAT

The one-off Diggory membership fee includes initial set-up and the cost of all UK calls we make on your behalf, stationery and faxes. Our in-house time keeping technology means we can manage your personal time bank to the nearest minute. Office hours are 08.30 to 18.00 GMT Monday - Friday. All services requested by client outside this timeframe will incur the "after hours" rate of £75.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour) and will be invoiced separately. Tasks that do not fall within the scope of the clients 'Package' are billed at a standard rate £45.00 per hour and will be invoiced separately. On-site visits will be billed for meeting time, roundtrip travel mileage at 40p per mile.

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