Guarantees Of Service...

  • We guarantee personal service at all times
  • You have a dedicated Lifestyle Enhancer
  • We have the latest time-keeping technology to account for every minute spent on your behalf
  • We limit the number of clients to each lifestyle manager to ensure the ultimate in support, responsiveness and relationship understanding
  • We offer absolute confidentiality and discretion, and are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998
  • You can contact us via your dedicated Diggory Portal, email, phone or text to add a new task
  • We deliver the best quality support services and will submit regular reporting to each client
  • We believe our service should reflect every client’s different circumstances and requirements
  • We commit the same energies to every task irrespective of size and whether you are a corporate or domestic client
  • We set the strictest recruitment standards to ensure the highest calibre of staff
  • We constantly examine our price structure to maintain the best value for money

Your Diggory Portal...

  • Each client subscribing to a Diggory Package will gain access to your own exclusive online portal, which will enable you to create and track tasks you place on your Lifestyle Enhancer
  • Client accounts are username and password protected; the facility is secure and hosted by a top-notch provider, compliant with US/EU SAFEHARBOR standards
  • Create a detailed profile covering you, your family, your pets, and domestic arrangement to enable your Lifestyle Enhancer to swiftly support your needs
  • You will be able to access the facility using any browser connected to the internet, as well as using email that will go directly into your portal
  • You'll receive email task receipt acknowledgements and ongoing communications, all logged with audit history
  • Additional options include Lifestyle Enhancer maintaining a calendar with automatic reminder notifications sent to your email - never miss an important event!


Our sole objective is to make your life easier. Let us start today by completing the online Contact form or ring +44 (0) 207 856 2100.