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Roger Collis - Columnist, Author, Broadcaster

A veteran corporate infighter, with 15 years’ experience in international consumer marketing, Roger Collis has earned world-wide recognition as a business travel guru through his weekly column, ‘The Frequent Traveller,’ every Friday for 23 years (1985-2008), in the International Herald Tribune; and as a contributing travel columnist for the New York Times. He has been described as the dean of business-travel journalists in Europe, who ‘created the template for business-travel columns in newspapers worldwide.’ He writes a bi-monthly column for CNN Traveller magazine, and contributes to OAG’s Eye on the Skies newsletter.

Roger, author of bestselling book, “The Survivor’s Guide to Business Travel,” was described by the London Times as “the best source of independent travel advice on the market.“ He is also the author of “If My Boss Calls, Make Sure you Get His Name,” a collection of columns satirizing the corporate life.

Roger is in frequent demand worldwide as a conference and round-table speaker; meetings and focus group facilitator; broadcaster; podcaster; and film narrator.

Roger has kindly recorded the above interesting (and humorous!) podcasts for your listening pleasure.


The Anxiety Game

From all the games that managers play the most subtle and awarding is the anxiety game. As every executive knows the real purpose of communication in an organisation is to generate and transfer anxiety. When looking to climb the corporate ladder, which is most important, what you achieve or how you appear...?



Management by Absence

Do you suffer from holiday stress; the first week you unwind, second week relax, third, worry about what you might find when you get back to the office. This podcast helps those in need of a truly relaxing holiday, without the worries of work...


Fatal Attraction starring the Blackberry

The fatal attraction of the Blackberry, that handy gizmo that allows you reduce your mailbox size without logging on, is that it's an open invitation for anyone to reach you, anytime, anywhere in the world. Gone are the days when taking off on a business trip meant getting away from the office...


Some of my Best Friends are Strangers

About the relationship between passengers sitting next to each other on a plane. How about a mile high dating service...?

I need help with...