Diggory's Obligation

Diggory seeks out innovative projects working for social and humanitarian change, driven by enthusiastic, energetic groups or individuals working in their community at grass roots level. People who, because of the pioneering nature of their work and virtual isolation, find it difficult to get conventional funding.

Here at Diggory, we believe that being in business is more than the commercials it is an obligation to do good and influence change. 

TAMIHA is one such charity that we at Diggory Lifestyle actively support:

TAMIHA (TAnzanian MIllennium HAnds) Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) that was founded in 2007 by Crispin Mugarula and some of his closest friends, in Northern Tanzania.

They urgently require funding, sponsorship and volunteers with specific skills for the four programmes they run within the community; Vocational School, Orphanage, HIV and Widows and Lukundane.

The orphanage has 50 children between the ages of 2-9. The children are split into 2 groups: the baby class and the kindergarten class. There are approximately 40 students, age 2-4, in the baby class where they learn their basic ABCs and 123s. The kindergarten class has 10 students, age 4-9, who are being prepared for elementary school. They learn how to read, write and do simple math. All our students are taught English.

We are able to feed the orphans two meals per day. As their legal guardians we also take care of their medical needs such as tests for HIV, treatment for flu, malaria, TB.

We work hard within the community and through our volunteers to find sponsors who will finance the orphans' elementary school education. Since 2008, 10 students have graduated from our orphanage and gone on to elementary schools thanks to the help of sponsors. So long as they work hard their future is bright.

I would like to ask you to spread the word about our Organization so that we can get volunteers and sponsors as we have many orphaned children who need help. The volunteers who come to work with us, the little volunteer fee they pay, will help us support the orphanage and other projects, so spread our website to friends and all well wishers.

Crispin Mugarula, Founder of TAMIHA www.tanzaniavolunteer.net 

Donations can be made from TAMIHA's website. If you would like to send much needed gifts to the children contact Diggory or Crispin for the mailing address and suggestions of what to send. Thank you deehope@diggorylifestyle.co.uk

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