Frequent Flier Miles: use them or lose them!

In the Sunday Times this weekend it was reported that, “Thousands of travellers are having their air miles and frequent-flyer points cancelled, as new use-it-or-lose-it expiry regulations begin to bite. Last January, the Airmiles company which claims 2m active members, introduced a time limit on accounts: any that remained inactive for two years would be cancelled. Any activity on the account is enough to reset the clock — earning miles by using an eligible credit card, for instance, or spending them on flights or hotels — but if members fail to do so, the miles will be gone for ever.

“We write to members twice before closing their accounts,” the company said. “But yes, some are closed.” The two-year limit is tighter than many of the main airline schemes: for example, that from British Airways — which owns Air Miles — allows 36 months before miles are lost. However, many industry figures predict that European schemes will follow those in America, where travellers are beginning to fall foul of harsher regulations.” Sunday Times


Airlines have historically made it difficult to claim frequent flyer miles by imposing restrictions; so should you have questions, speak to the leading experts on frequent flier miles. Either contact Ravindra Bhagwanani, managing director of Global Flight or email ; or Randy Peterson and Roger Collis – follow their on-line frequent flier debate and also review their extensive Q&A’s on this subject.

Finally, Diggory’s advice to you is to check your frequent flier miles and show some activity on your account; otherwise take action should you receive the letters notifying you your account is due to be wiped clean.