Reviews – Spotify

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an exciting new way to enjoy your music. You start off by installing a small client on your computer which will create you an account, and attach you to the massive music library which is Spotify. After it is installed, you simply search within the program for songs of your choice; once you found them you can add them to your very own created playlists. When using Spotify you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want it, there’s no waiting for files to be downloaded, everything is streamed to your computer.

Spotify will even give you the ability to share your created playlists with friends, colleagues and the world. You can even work on collaborative playlists with people.

Sounds good, what’s the cost?

Spotify comes in three different account packages;


Free – This is financed by advertising. In between songs you will get the occasional advertisement but it really is every now and then. The advertisements are a lot less than what you would hear on a normal radio station. This is the place where most people start off. Day pass – Great if you’re having a party.


A day pass will cost you £0.99 for 24 hours advertisement free. Premium – This costs £9.99 a month.


A premium account will give you unlimited access to a world of great music without advertising. It will also give you the ability to stream the music at a higher bit rate of 320kbps so you can listen to all your music in hi-fidelity. A premium account has other great perks like Mobile Music, exclusive access to new albums before they’re on open release and you will also be entered into lots of competitions to win some goodies.


With Mobile music you can use Spotify on your Iphone or Android device. This means your world of music is opened right up, unlimited, unrestricted access to all of your favourite music. Your phones playlist will synchronise, so any new updates you make on either your computer or phone will reflect on the other device. The key benefit to this on your phone is that the playlists are downloaded offline, this means that you can listen to your music even in areas where you have limited or no mobile connection.

How do I share music?

You can share music in a couple of ways. You can literally drag and drop any track, album, artist or playlist into an email or instant messenger and share with who you want. There are also dedicated sites where you can upload your playlists for the world to see, if they like your selection they can easily download it to their Spotify and enjoy it too. Here are a couple of sharing sites;

You can even download Spotify on multiple computers, that way, no matter what machine you’re working from you can access your playlists.


So that’s Spotify, a great way to enjoy your music in a simple, user friendly client, the hardest thing about Spotify is to decide on which account is best for you.

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