Garden Shed...

Garden sheds and potting sheds can be a perfect little sanctuary. A place for solitude, calm reflection, and gentle toil. A place of perfect order, where you can retrieve your perfectly oiled tools, or prick-out the tender seedlings, or pot up the dahlias you overwintered in sand. And then, to sit and relax in an old wicker chair, with a steaming hot coffee, whilst listening to a play on radio 4. Your space, your time.

Except that its roof is leaking, the door doesn’t close and its faded paint is peeling. Inside it’s littered with rusty old tools, broken plastic plant pots, mouldy boxes of old plant food, and broken lawn mowers and strimmer’s long past their usefulness; not quite the sanctuary, perhaps it once was.

But it can be! With a bit of dee-cluttering, we can clear away the cobwebs, chase away the spiders and create, ‘your space’.

Together, we will go through every inch, clearing, sorting, fixing, recycling, restoring, sweeping, organising and restocking. I am hands on, hands dirty, clearing the way to create the space that you need it to be.

Typical services I can help you with…

  • Organising skips or recycling
  • Advertising unwanted items for sale locally
  • Organising tradesmen
  • Sourcing equipment, storage solutions and furniture
  • Stocking the shelves

My aim is to help you to simplify your life, I want to share with you the tools and learnings to prevent the build-up of clutter so that you can focus fully on other areas of your life.

Areas I work…

Stratford Upon Avon, Broadway, Chipping Campden, Cotswolds, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Henley in Arden, Warwickshire,  and all villages in-between.

Get in touch so Diggory can help start you on the journey to a dee-cluttered life. Call Dee on 0770 104 7671 and let’s get a date in the diary!

Dee-clutter for a simpler life…