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Dee-cluttering FAQs

What type of individual has a dee-clutterer?
All types of people reacting to different moments in their lives. Women, men, full and part-time workers; mums struggling to find a routine and feeling overwhelmed; the recently retired, people who have lost a loved one; or recently gotten divorced; people dee-cluttering their entire house or tired of their old clothes; or struggling to rent or sell their house; or getting their house ready for a special occasion or tidying the mess after the event; clearing out old paperwork or clearing up after builders; converting a room or cleaning the attic or the garage or becoming more efficient in the work place – we match our services to suit you. Anyone and everyone.
Is it too indulgent to use the services of a professional dee-clutterer?
No. You have recognised an area in your life that you feel is too big for you to tackle on your own. You have most probably tried, failed and were left feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself. So why wouldn’t you ask for help, it's common sense not indulgence.
I want to engage your services, but my house is such a tip I’m embarrassed.
Don’t be. You have taken the first step in recognising you need an ally to help you sort it all out and that’s what I love to do for my clients; I am not there to judge, I am there to help you to deliver your vision.
I'm wary that you may disagree with some of my life choices and will try to influence me.
No-one wants to be bullied and told how they should live their lives. Let me reassure you that the time I spend with my clients is very much as an ally, a friend; we are on a journey together; I will gently encourage and support you to deliver on your vision of how you wish your life to be, and I certainly don’t impose my personal views on the life choices my clients make, we are all unique and that uniqueness should be celebrated.
My service is individual, and getting to know you and your individual circumstances lets me discover a personal route to bring the changes you seek in line with your family values. 
Do you work the same way with all your clients?
My service is individual, and getting to know you and your individual circumstances lets me discover a personal route to bring the changes you seek in line with your life choices and family values. 
How does it work?
With a one hour consultation. I start by understanding why the clutter was created. It is just a matter of your personality? Time pressures? Poor organisational skills? Those around you being thoughtless? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin? Getting to know you and your individual circumstances lets us discover a personal route to a clutter-free life.

Then I investigate the clutter. How did it originate? Where is it centered? What are the storage options? Every home is unique, so we must look for solutions that best suit specific needs and circumstances.

Once I know the issues, we can work together on the solutions. Not only does this involve immediate de-cluttering, but I’ll share with you the techniques and tools, systems and insights, motivation and methods to maintain the process long after I’ve gone.
Do you actually clean?
Yes. Together we go through the target rooms and dee-clutter, re-organise and clean.
What if you tell me to get rid of something, but I don’t want too?
I would never tell you to get rid of something. I simply ask questions and your answers to those questions helps you make the decision whether to keep the item or not.
Do you need anything from me?
I need you to ensure the time we are working together is uninterrupted; so make prior arrangements for any children and pets to be cared for off the premises.  Phones and mobiles should be sent to voicemail.  Advise all visitors likely to pop in that you will be unavailable.

I also need you to have an open mind, change is never easy, and so I will gently support you whilst you make those tough decisions.
Are you security checked?
Yes. I take security very seriously and can confirm that in order to reassure my clients; I initiated a full security check by ACPO, Criminal Records Office who state on the authenticated document I received from their office; "There is no information held about you on the Police National Computer".
Will you advise me on storage solutions?
Yes. Whatever your budget I can look at the space and make suggestions on how to improve it in order to get the most efficient use out of it.

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