Diggory Suppliers

Our service commitment not only relies on the quality of our own lifestyle enhancers, but the assured abilities of the third party suppliers we employ on your behalf. We expect the same high values of our suppliers we set for our business. They must believe in delivering supreme service, have professional respect for clients and partners and show social responsibility to colleagues and the environment.

All suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure they are compatible with our business objectives and clients’ needs. Once selected, we constantly monitor their performance with additional feedback from them and our clients to maintain excellence.

If your business has what it takes to become a Diggory preferred supplier, we would be delighted to talk to you. Ring us on +44 (0) 207 856 2100. Send a message via the Contact Form on the website. Send an email to suppliers@diggorylifestyle.co.uk, and include details of current insurance, references and company ethos and membership of any trade organisations. Most important of all, tell us the benefits our partnership would offer a Diggory client.

Our sole objective is to make your life easier. Let us start today by completing the online Contact form or ring +44 (0) 207 856 2100.