Terms & Conditions of Membership

As a client of Diggory Limited “Client”, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, and when ordering anything from a supplier of products or services (a “Supplier”) you agree that these Terms and Conditions shall apply to your order.


1.1 Your Diggory Membership is personal to you. You are solely responsible for ensuring that no individual (other than your personal assistant, where applicable) uses your Membership.

1.2 Access to and use of the Members section of the Diggory Portal, accessed via Diggory’s website or via the internet is through a combination of user name and password and is reserved exclusively for Members. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password and you agree to notify Diggory immediately if you believe that there has been any breach of security (e.g. the unauthorised use of your name and password).


2.1 Charges are applicable for international telephone calls, travel to Client site, delivery fees, peripherals and consumables, excessive postage and printing. Diggory’s reasonable opinion on whether it is excessive will prevail. On-site visits will be billed for meeting time, round trip travel mileage at 40p per mile. The use of non-standard materials will be charged at cost unless expressly quoted in our estimate. It may be necessary for large amounts to be paid in advance.

2.2 Due to the nature of the virtual services offered by Diggory, we reserve the right to charge the Client for excessive time spent responding to telephone enquiries; this is to actively encourage Clients to use our services to their maximum benefit in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner for the Client by using the Diggory Portal, email, or text as the main methods of contact. Refer to Clause 9.3.

2.3 Diggory reserves the right to charge accordingly for any additions or amendments made by the Client outside the scope of that originally requested and estimated for, after consultation with the Client.

2.4 Diggory reserves the right to change turnaround times and prices quoted due to changes in the specifications, quantities, legibility and/or quality of origin or source material, delivery arrangements, unforeseen problems or other circumstances.

2.5 Please refer to Clause 9.8 for premiums attached to projects which require a fast turnaround or require evening and/or weekend work.

2.6 Please refer to Schedule 2 for our current fee structure for a breakdown of our fees and charges.

2.7 Should the Client transfer to a different Diggory package, then the Client is required to set up a new standing order mandate (when applicable).

2.8 Diggory will notify the Client that service plan hours have been utilized before starting non-plan hours. Services within the scope of the relevant package rendered beyond the retained number of hours will be billed at the discounted rate of £36.00 per hour (ex VAT) with payment due as under clause 3.2. Payments rendered are considered fully earned and non-refundable.

2.9 All services requested outside the stated ‘office hours’ will incur the ‘after hours’ rate of £75.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour) see clause 9.8.

2.10 Clients requiring services ‘outside’ the scope of their designated Package will be invoiced for those services at an increased hourly rate of £45.00 per hour excluding VAT (minimum 1 hour). Refer to Clause 3.2.

2.11 Expenses incurred on behalf of Client are not included in any fees and will be billed to Client at the end of each month. Refer to Clause 3.2.

2.12 Diggory retains the right to vary the Charges made at any time throughout the contractual term. In the event of any variation in the Charges, Diggory will notify the Client of the change in fees at least two (2) months prior to implementing the change.


3.1 The Client must ensure the Standing Order payment of the Retainer (Monthly Subscription) for the ‘Red Eye’ Business Package, ‘Yellow Brick’ Personal Package and the ‘Black 24 Ultimate Package is made sufficiently in advance to ensure that cleared funds are received into Diggory’s bank account by the 1st of each calendar month. Diggory will email an invoice to the Client 5-7 days prior to payment being due. Diggory will provide the Standing Order form.

3.2 The full payment of all Additional Charges incurred by Retainer Clients through any one month shall be paid to Diggory with cleared funds within 7 days of the date of Diggory's invoice, which will be emailed to the Client on the 1st of the following month, unless agreed by Diggory in writing.

3.3 Clients of Green Field and Blue Moon packages will ensure full payment for additional Time Bank hours is received prior to Diggory resuming services. Diggory will email an invoice to the Client upon their request for additional hours.

3.4 Clients of White Cliff, Spectrum and Diggory for Businesses will be invoiced at either the completion of the piece of work, or by the end of the month, whichever is deemed more appropriate. Cleared funds to be received within 7 days of the date of invoice.

3.5 Diggory’s Pitch and Putt clients are required to pay the first hour (minimum 1 hour), prior to Diggory commencing the service. Payment request for the outstanding balance will be invoiced via email upon completion of the service. Cleared funds to be received within 7 days of the date of invoice.

3.6 Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, we will exercise our statutory right to claim interest charges at the rate applying at the time and compensation for debt recovery costs should we not receive payment according to agreed credit terms. Accordingly, should payment not be received in full within the agreed terms then the interest will be charged at the rate applying at the time and compound interest shall be applied to overdue amounts.

3.7 Diggory is VAT registered. Registration Number 927 9396 67.

3.8 From time to time the procurement or provision of certain services, products or benefits may incur a Diggory handling charge (of which you will be notified) - in these cases you hereby authorise Diggory to submit an invoice to you with payment terms of 7 days with any such handling charges. Refer to Clause 3.2.

3.9 Diggory may at your request purchase goods or services on your behalf. In the event that it acts as a credit agent in this regard, you hereby authorise Diggory to submit an invoice to you with payment terms of 7 days. Refer to Clause 3.2.


4.1 Payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS) & cheque. All invoices will be submitted in £-Sterling and will be subject to any bank charges related to bank transfers and credit/debit card handling charges.

4.2 Payment can be made by cheque, payable to 'Diggory Limited'.

4.3 Payment can be made via BACS to Coop Bank. ‘Diggory Limited’; Sort Code: 08-92-50 Account Number: 70834057.

4.4 In the event of any client cheque being refused by the bank, the Client will be responsible for all bank charges resulting from returned cheque.

4.5 Diggory is pleased to accept work from the UK and abroad; however, our requirement is that the outputs are in English and Diggory’s payment terms are agreed and adhered to.


5.1 For Packages offering a monthly retainer; ‘Diggory Membership’ and first months ‘Monthly Subscription’ must accompany the completed Standing Order form, prior to Diggory commencing the Service. Payable according to clauses 4.1 and 4.2.

5.2 Unused hours are not carried over (exception Blue Moon Package); it is incumbent upon the Client to utilize their retained hours each month.

5.3 There is a minimum 4 month commitment to the ‘Red Eye’ Business Package, ‘Yellow Brick’ Personal Package and the ‘Black 24 Ultimate Package. The Client subscribing to these Packages may cancel a retainer package at any time after the first four months by giving 30 days notice in writing.


6.1 As a Member of Diggory, you are entitled to all of the benefits set out on our Site. The descriptions of all benefits displayed have been approved by the relevant benefit Supplier.

6.2 As a registered Member of Diggory, please note that Suppliers of benefits and the benefits themselves are subject to availability and may change from time to time without notice.

6.3 Diggory aims to ensure that the benefits remain available at all times and are constantly negotiating new benefits to ensure that you receive maximum use of your Membership. If any of the benefits become unavailable, we will do all we can to ensure that prior commitments are honored to the fullest extent possible, but shall not be responsible for any actions of Suppliers outside Diggory’s actual control.


7.1 Once you have become a Diggory client, you may only make requests by telephone (including Skype), text, e-mail or through the Diggory Portal.

7.2 Diggory reserves the right to withdraw any of these Services and/or to refuse to supply the Services requested.

7.3 If Diggory is unable to deal with any request, it will inform you as soon as reasonably practicable.

7.4 Suppliers are responsible for providing you with the services, products and benefits you select. Diggory will communicate with Suppliers on your behalf unless it is more appropriate for you to contact the Supplier directly.

7.5 Suppliers may impose their own terms and conditions and you are required to comply with these.

7.6 When ordering a product or service or accessing a benefit, you may be required to provide your Payment Card details. If you request and authorise Diggory to use your Payment Card in order to pay a Supplier for products or services, you acknowledge and agree that Diggory shall have no liability in respect of or be responsible in any way whatsoever in respect of the use of your Payment Card provided that Diggory acts in accordance with the instructions issued by you in relation thereto.

7.7 You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of booking, ordering or purchasing products or services are correct, that the Payment Card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the product or the service.

7.8 Telephone calls to Diggory may be monitored or recorded for training and quality control purposes.

7.9Any services including travel tickets and package holidays purchased through Diggory will be subject to the terms and conditions of the travel or holiday operator and the Supplier. Please note that Diggory is not an authorised travel agent or tour operator and only acts as an introductory agent on behalf of the Supplier. All rights and remedies you have are against the relevant Supplier.


8.1 The Client acknowledges that Diggory is not an employee, and that this will be a collaborative, professional relationship of equals where mutual professional respect, courtesy and consideration are expected.

8.2 Client agrees to respond to questions, requests and communications from Diggory in a timely manner.

8.3 Client acknowledges that Diggory is a business with other clients to serve, and requires fair, realistic notice in order to attend to requests and projects. Poor planning or miscommunication on the part of Client will not constitute an emergency for Diggory.

8.4 Client understands that Diggory may require detailed clarification of projects in order to meet expectations and provide the best support and highest quality work.

8.5 Completed projects will be sent via a traceable method of delivery, either by email, Clients Diggory Portal, Special Delivery, Courier or other means as reasonably required by Client. Client is responsible and will be billed for all shipping and handling costs.


9.1 Office hours are 08.00 to 19.00 GMT, Monday to Friday.

9.2 Written confirmation via email must be received prior to work commencing on all After Hours works.

9.3 Diggory is available for phone calls during office hours only. Calls of only a few minutes in duration are not billed to Client. However, the time of both parties must be respected, and calls lasting over 10 minutes will be deducted from the Client’s time bank. Telephone meetings must be pre-scheduled.

9.4 Cancellation requires a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Missed meetings or cancellations without sufficient notice will be used as allocated time under the relevant package.

9.5 Basic office and lifestyle support will receive attention within 48 hours (dependant on task and urgency).

9.6 Each new or special project requires a minimum of three (3) Business Days lead time.

9.7 Client will provide sufficient notice and allow for reasonable timeframes for project completions.

9.8 Rush projects of 24 hours or less and projects requiring weekend or holiday work will be subject to after hour’s rates, £75.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour, and any applicable rush fees e.g. couriers requiring weekend rates. Diggory reserves the right to refuse any project or service request.

9.9 ‘Business Day’ means any day other than a Saturday or Sunday or Bank Holidays, when banks are open for business in England and Wales.


10.1 All projects and assignments undertaken by Diggory are considered strictly confidential and as such we confirm that no details will be revealed to any third party unless this is deemed to be necessary by law.

10.2 Diggory is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

10.3 Our confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed; however we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested by the client.

10.4 All original documents submitted to Diggory will be returned to the client upon request, after the assignment has been completed and payment received in full.


11.1 The Client subscribing to the ‘Red Eye’, ‘Yellow Brick’ or ‘Black 24’ Packages may cancel a retainer package at any time after the first four months by giving 30 days notice in writing, to Diggory.

11.2 All other packages may be terminated by the Client on 7 days notice in writing to Diggory.

11.3 The following obligations are conditions of this agreement and any breach of them shall entitle the party not in breach to terminate this agreement by immediate written notice and the rights and liabilities of the parties shall then be determined in accordance with clause 12.

11.4 Failure on the part of the Client to make punctual payment of all sums due to Diggory under the terms of this agreement.

11.5 Failure on the part of Diggory to remedy any breach of its obligations hereunder within a reasonable time following written notice from the Client which: refers to this clause; specifies the breach with full particulars; indicates how the breach is to be remedied and specifies the Client's opinion of a reasonable time for remedy.

11.6 The levying of distress or execution against the Client or the making by it of any composition or arrangement with creditors or the presentation of a petition for the Client's liquidation or bankruptcy or administration or the appointment of a receiver over any part of the Client's assets. 11.7 The doing or permitting of any act by which Diggory's rights in any intellectual property may be prejudiced or put in jeopardy. 11.8 Any serious or persistent breach by the Client of its obligations hereunder.

11.7 The doing or permitting of any act by which Diggory's rights in any intellectual property may be prejudiced or put in jeopardy.

11.8 Any serious or persistent breach by the Client of its obligations hereunder.


12.1 In the event of this agreement being terminated whether by effluxion of time, notice, breach or otherwise and without prejudice to any other remedy available to Diggory the Client shall immediately pay to Diggory:

12.2 Any sums due under the terms of this agreement.

12.3 In the event of termination by reason of sub-clauses 11.5, 11.6 or 11.7, any further sums which would but for the termination of this agreement have fallen due by the end of Diggory's engagement less a discount for any accelerated payment at the rate of 5% per annum.

12.4 Retainer fees for the last month of service are due and payable in full on or before the 1st of the month, whether actual services are performed or not (unless notice of termination expires during the first 5 days of a calendar month in which case fees are due for that month pro rata for the days prior to termination.).

12.5 Retainer fees are due in full for the intended month of cancellation if proper notice is not provided.


13.1 Please be aware we do not permit personal visits to our offices; however, we are happy to meet with you at your premises or at a mutually agreed venue.

13.2 Diggory cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft etc of data, projects, equipment or any items relating to assignments, during transit to/from Diggory’s premises.

13.3 Diggory recommends that clients obtain a proof of postage as we will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to items going through the postal service.

13.4 By accepting work or services agreed upon, the Client assumes full responsibility for final accuracy checks of documents, final product or service. Any typographical errors or omissions brought to our attention within 48 hours of receipt will be amended free of charge. Diggory is not responsible and shall not be held liable for the results of services performed on the basis of inaccurate, incomplete or untruthful information furnished by Client.

13.5 Diggory shall not be liable for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by the Client arising from production of any final product incorporating the work of Diggory.

13.6 Should any errors be found in the work carried out by Diggory, we are liable for the cost of the work only; no further liability is acknowledged.

13.7 Diggory shall not be liable to the Client for loss or damage to the Client's property unless due to the negligence or other failure of Diggory to perform its obligations under this agreement or the general law.

13.8 Diggory shall have no liability to the Client for any indirect, special or consequential loss to the Client arising out of or in connection with the provision of any goods or services pursuant to this agreement (except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from negligence) and the total liability of Diggory for any other loss of the Client arising pursuant to this agreement in respect of any one event or series of connected events shall not exceed the indemnity cover (if any) arranged pursuant to the Terms of Engagement or if no such cover has been agreed between the Client and Diggory the charges payable by the Client for one month’s fees.

13.9 Diggory cannot be held liable for projects or assignments not received by the Client by agreed deadlines when transmitted electronically. We encourage the Client to confirm receipt of all works, as a form of good practise and to enhance effective communications.

13.10 Diggory shall not be liable for any delay or for the consequences of any delay in performing any of its obligations under this Agreement if such delay is due to any cause whatsoever beyond its reasonable control and Diggory shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing such obligations.

13.11 Diggory shall not be liable for any losses, however they arise, that are due to the negligence, or breach of contract by any sub-contractor or any other third party who undertakes work on behalf of the Client.

13.12 It is the responsibility of the Client to gain the appropriate copyright permission from any third parties for any material supplied to us. Diggory will not be held responsible for any plagiarised material supplied by the Client; we reserve the right to return the work, at no cost to us, should we become aware of such instances. Diggory retains the right to reject work from any Client which involves material which we find to be illegal, immoral or objectionable.

13.13 The client is responsible for updating the ‘My Profile’ on the Diggory Portal, to ensure accurate information is used by Diggory at all times.

13.14 Your contract for the purchase of products or services is made with the relevant Supplier only. Diggory acts as an agent for the Supplier and, unless expressly provided otherwise, all your rights and remedies are against the Supplier. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is designed to give any other person any rights or remedies under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

13.15 Diggory will not be responsible for products and services offered by Diggory as agents for the Suppliers or for any aspect of the relationship between you and any particular Supplier. Diggory will however do everything it reasonably can to assist you in any dealings you have with the Supplier.

13.16 You agree that any contract entered into by you with any of the Suppliers is an independent contract. Diggory hereby disclaims any and all liability for any act or omission of any Supplier or any loss incurred by you as a result of any act or omission of a Supplier whether or not arranged through Diggory.

14. LIEN

All materials or property belonging to Client, as well as work performed, may be retained as security until all just claims against Client are satisfied.


Diggory reserves the right to impose late fees on Clients who consistently fail to respond to questions in a timely manner, do not supply needed information, or otherwise impair efficient workflows and so increase administrative time, waste retainer hours unnecessarily, and prevent Diggory from working to optimum standards and serving other clients in a fair and equal manner. Following notification by Diggory, continued failure on the part of the Client to rectify this behaviour in the reasonable opinion of Diggory under the terms of this agreement will be in breach of this agreement and Diggory will therefore be entitled to terminate the agreement. All outstanding payments must be settled within 7 days of termination by Client.


All billings (including invoices, statements and estimates), reports and time accountings are provided as a convenience to Client at the discretion of Diggory and remain the property of Diggory. Periodic audits may reveal previous billing discrepancies or errors, and Diggory is entitled to void or recall incorrect invoices and statements and bill for any monies due on account. Diggory will settle any overpayments by Client within a reasonable period of becoming aware of such overpayment.


Diggory is protected by Professional Indemnity Insurance.


18.1 All incoming emails, disks, CDs or other media will be scanned for viruses. Diggory will not open unsolicited attachments to emails or email attachments which do not have an accompanying explanatory message. Diggory reserves the right to refuse to open any attachment that we consider to look suspicious in any way.

18.2 Diggory endeavours to scan all emails and attachments sent to the Client and uses up-to-date anti-virus software at all times. However, it is the sole responsibility of all authorised recipients to check text, graphics and attachments before opening; no responsibility or liability will be accepted by Diggory.


19.1 By harnessing modern-day technology, Diggory are able to offer flexible, responsive and quality services at a competitive rate. By encouraging contact to be mainly via technology, this also ensures Diggory is able to offer Virtual services from all corners of the globe, embracing the wonders of wireless technology.

19.2 Agreed deadlines: Please note that all documents will be emailed or transmitted by alternative methods where previously agreed, to authorised recipients in good time before the agreed deadline. Should unforeseen circumstances determine that an agreed deadline may not be achievable, the Client will be contacted immediately by Diggory or a representative thereof. In the unlikely event that a project has not been received by authorised recipients after deadline, the onus is on the Client to check their email servers/firewalls and email inboxes before contacting Diggory. It is the responsibility of the Client to determine whether there are any technical issues on their side prior to contacting Diggory.

19.3 In the event that the Client resides outside England, its address for service in England shall be the address for such service nominated in this agreement and any time limits in any proceedings shall not be extended by virtue only of the foreign residence of the Client.


Both parties shall be released from their respective obligations in the event of national emergency, war, prohibitive governmental regulation or if any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the parties or either of them renders the performance of this agreement impossible, whereupon all money accrued due under this agreement shall be paid.


21.1 The Client reserves the right on giving reasonable written notice from time to time to require changes to the Services (whether by way of the omission of Services, the addition of new Services, or increasing or decreasing the Services or the locations where they are to be provided or otherwise) for any reason. Such a change is hereinafter called ‘a variation’.

21.2 In the event of a variation the price to be paid under this agreement may also be varied. Such variation in the price shall be calculated by Diggory and agreed with the Client and shall be such amount as properly and fairly reflects the nature and extent of the variation in all the prevailing circumstances. Failing agreement on the revised fee structure for the services, Diggory shall have the right, if Diggory so decides, to terminate the agreement.

21.3 Diggory shall provide such information as may be reasonably required to enable such varied price to be calculated.


Failure by either party to enforce at any time or for any period any one or more of the terms or conditions of this agreement shall not be a waiver of them or the right at any time subsequently to enforce all terms and conditions of this agreement.


If any provision of the terms in this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck out and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.


Each party acknowledges that this agreement, together with the Schedules attached, contain the whole agreement between the parties and that it is not relied upon any oral or written representations made to it by the other or its employees or agents and has made its own independent investigations into all matters relevant to it.


Diggory shall not, without the prior written consent of the Client, assign, transfer, charge, sub-contract or deal in any other manner with all or any of its rights or obligations under this agreement.


26.1 The Client agrees to cooperate with Diggory in the performance of Diggory's services and to give such support, facilities and information as may be reasonably required.

26.2 Diggory shall be entitled to sub-contract any of its rights or duties under this agreement.

26.3 The Client shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any sum otherwise payable to Diggory by reason of any claim, set-off or for damages in relation hereto.


Nothing in this agreement is intended to, or shall operate to, create a partnership between the parties, or to authorise either party to act as agent for the other, and neither party shall have authority to act in the name or on behalf of or otherwise to bind the other in any way (including the making of any representation or warranty, the assumption of any obligation or liability and the exercise of any right or power).


This agreement is made for the benefit of the parties to it and (where applicable) their successors and permitted assigns and is not intended to benefit, or be enforceable by, anyone else.


Each of the parties shall give notice to the other of the change or acquisition of any address or telephone, mobile or fax or similar numbers at the earliest possible opportunity but in any event within 24 hours of such change or acquisition.


Headings contained in this agreement are for reference purposes only and should not be incorporated into this agreement and shall not be deemed to be any indication of the meaning of the clauses to which they relate.


31.1 This agreement, and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement or its formation, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

31.2 The parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England for the purpose of hearing and determining any suit, action or proceedings or settling any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement and for the purpose of enforcement of any judgment against their respective assets.


‘Red Eye’ Business Package

This is an outstanding organisational package for busy executives. It is designed to free up core business time by removing the hassle of daily routine. From organising international travel schedules to typing up meeting notes from an MP3 file, coordinating your business calendar to producing compelling PowerPoint presentations, this package means you use every minute while we take care of the minutiae.

‘Yellow Brick’ Personal Package

This exceptional package lets you re–discover a home life you thought lost. From booking restaurants and theatre tickets to finding a dog walker, from researching and booking the family holiday to finding you a cleaner or organising a children’s party, we organise and implement so you can spend time with those who need you most. Don’t get frustrated by a wall of domestic chores – think ‘Yellow Brick’.

‘Black 24’ Ultimate Package

This deluxe package is the ultimate in life administration, designed to give you and your loved ones full value for the tremendous effort you make. Whether home or abroad, at home or in the office, the ‘Black 24’ package offers you and your family round-the-clock support, organising international events or domestic routine with supreme skill. We look after your life while you live it.

‘White Cliff’ Overseas Package

This excellent package is the ultimate ‘Welcome’ sign. Even a brief move abroad confronts international visitors with a world of cultural differences across education, re-location, administration and legal interpretation. The ‘White Cliffs’ package offers you our outstanding organisational skills to make any transition to the UK comfortable and uncomplicated.

‘Green Fields’ Career Package

For those embarking on a new career through choice or necessity, this tailor-made package is just the job. We take care of arranging your preparation and appointments, so you can focus your energy and clear your mind for the challenges ahead. Let the Green Field package be your first answer to a successful interview.

‘Blue Moon’ One-off Package

We believe that no job is too small and our unique ‘Blue Moon’ package proves it. We sort the projects too unimportant to worry about - before they become too large to face. We treat every project with our unwavering commitment to detail and quality, but you control how many and how much you spend.

Diggory Pitch & Putt Package

Diggory Pitch & Putt is a pay-by-the-hour package, perfect for those of you who require lifestyle support, occasionally. You’re in a corner, out of your depth, up against the wire, Diggory can help, and it’s realistic to assume we've done it before and know what the best solution is and can resolve it in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

Diggory Lifestyle for Businesses

Innovative companies providing Concierge services as part of the corporate benefit package can gain a competitive edge when retaining staff or recruiting the best candidates. As well as fostering high levels of employee satisfaction and retention Diggory for Business significantly increases employee productivity.

Equally, organisations supplying lifestyle management and concierge services to their members will prove to be the differentiator with many of their competitors.

‘Spectrum’ Efficiency Programme

As with the seven colours in the spectrum, the Spectrum Efficiency Programme offers seven layers of learning to improve your business efficiency and working effectiveness. This unique coaching schedule has been specially created to help clients transform their workspace and working life from disorganised to disciplined, from clutter to clarity. This tailored approach can be undertaken at home or in the office and, unlike traditional training methods, keep indirect costs to a minimum as our skilful coaching is ‘live’ – you will be getting your work done as we go through the seven steps.



All prices exclude VAT

Red Eye Business Package

Minimum 4 months contract

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Monthly subscription Includes up to 8 hours service per month £290.00
Hourly rate after initial 8 hours £36.00 (billed separately via monthly invoice)
Out of hours rate £75.00 (minimum 1 hour)
Out of scope services
Unused hours not rolled over to following month
£45.00 (minimum 1 hour)

Yellow Brick Personal Package

Minimum 4 months contract

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Monthly subscription Includes up to 8 hours service per month £290.00
Hourly rate after initial 8 hours £36.00 (billed separately via monthly invoice)
Out of hours rate £75.00 (minimum 1 hour)
Out of scope services
Unused hours not rolled over to following month
£45.00 (minimum 1 hour)

Black 24 Ultimate Package

Minimum 4 months contract

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Monthly subscription Includes up to 10 hours service per month £360.00
Hourly rate after initial 10 hours £36.00 (billed separately via monthly invoice)
Out of hours rate £75.00 (minimum 1 hour)
Out of scope services
Unused hours not rolled over to following month
£45.00 (minimum 1 hour)

White Cliff Overseas Package

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Each business relocation has unique issues, so we create our activities and pricing packages to match.
This approach ensures we work in the way that suits you best.

Green Field Career Package

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Time bank of 8 hours service £320.00 (Top up with another bank of 8 hours when funds run out)
Out of hours rate £75.00 (minimum 1 hour)
Out of scope services
Unused hours not rolled over to following month
£45.00 (minimum 1 hour)

Blue Moon One-Off Package

Diggory Membership £220.00 (one time fee)
Time bank of 8 hours service £320.00 (Use anytime, top up when funds run out)
Out of hours rate
Roll over any unused hours to following month
£75.00 (minimum 1 hour)

Pitch & Putt Package

Diggory hourly rate £55.00 (minimum 1 hour)

Diggory Lifestyle for Businesses

The service you want from us - is defined by you, so to explore how Diggory can make a world of difference to your fast trackers, or your members, contact Dee Hope  +44 (0) 207 856 2100  or email deehope@diggorylifestyle.co.uk

Spectrum Efficiency Programme

Diggory hourly rate £100.00 (excluding expenses)

The Spectrum Efficiency Programme is the ultimate self-support coaching system, adaptable in content to address your individual challenges which are captured in your individual workbook, for you to get the most value from our expertise.