Our Testimonials

Dee, many thanks to you for the motivation and organisation to get this day off the ground. It was essential for us to have your drive to get it to a point where we executed the Great Garage Clear out with your invaluable support.

Chris Larkin, Director of Pure Sales Consulting Limited

Dee has brought something to my business that has added immediate and tangible value. We only fully appreciated the scope that existed for efficiency gains once Dee had taken us through the clear and pragmatic Spectrum Programme. We are in the early days of applying the new processes, and making them habit, but already I feel that we are better organised, administered and that Dee has given us the operational platform from which to continue to build our business and take it to the next level.

Chris Larkin, Director of Pure Sales Consulting Limited

I had to find a way of focussing my attention on the important tasks that would generate real results for my business. Diggory’s Spectrum programme helped me redirect my energies to the things that matter.

Peter Savage, Post Script Productions

Diggory‘s Spectrum Programme is a powerful method for freeing up time and ensuring focus on priorities. Diggory got me to collect all the papers from my desk, trays, drawers and briefcase, and systematically went through each piece of paper, reciting the Diggory mantra “Do I need this to do my job?”. We agreed what needed to be recycled, filed, delegated, placed in the Tickler system or what I needed to action. All obvious stuff (but you never have time to do the obvious unless helped), and done in an efficient, supportive and encouraging style, which immediately brought about a significant lightening of my workload.

Robert Hudson, AXA Life

Dee achieved an Outstanding Performance Rating, and was recognised as the benchmark for a Director’s Personal Assistant.

Mark Knowlton, IT Director, AXA Life UK

At last - a training programme that gets me organised and keeps me organised. I can’t believe I could make such major gains by spending so little money and so little time.

Peter Savage, Post Script Productions

Dee’s greatest asset has been her reliability. She doesn’t let things drop, and is always proactively reminding me of the next set of tasks to be tackled.

Robin H Arnold, Senior Managing Director, Navigant Consulting

Dee has a fabulous personality and demonstrated efficiency in the work she produced. Also putting me through the Spectrum Training Programme helped me put in place a future proof effective working style.

Nick Turner, Business Development Director, AXA Life

Dee proved herself to be a first class personal assistant of impeccable character and professionalism. Her impressive organisational skills, total reliability and willingness to help ensured that she was a popular member of the team.

Kevin Dean, Managing Director, AXA (Isle of Man) Ltd

I knew I could be better organised, but I never got round to it. The Diggory Spectrum programme was exactly the comprehensive coaching I needed to get my business and my life on track.

Peter Savage, Post Script Productions

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