About Dee...

I started my career as a professional nanny. This fabulous job took me all over the world and I met many amazing people….and their wonderful parents.

After many years of nannying, I wanted a complete change. Eventually, I became the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of a management consultancy in London and learned that many of the skills that I had mastered as a nanny would be just as useful in the commercial world.

        Organisation, cleanliness, order and structure, patience, energy and a                   strong sense of humour!

In 2004 I set up Diggory Lifestyle. Initially I focused the business on lifestyle management for executives and developed a set of bespoke packages offering the ultimate in tailor-made life management.

In 2009 drawing on my experience as an Executive Assistant as well as four years managing the lives of senior executives, I wrote a training programme, which I named the Spectrum Training Programme and trained Executives and their PA’s how to become more efficient and effective.

In 2011 the business morphed into decluttering, I could see that many of my friends and indeed clients were trying to live their lives surrounded by complexity and I knew I could make things easier.

Diggory is focused on making your life simpler; by removing unnecessary clutter and organising you to prevent a build-up of stress and powerlessness. In short, I put you back in charge.

It is truly the most fulfilling work I have done in my professional life. Using skills I have developed throughout my careers to help others regain control.

Areas I work…

Stratford Upon Avon, Broadway, Chipping Campden,  Cotswolds, Leamington Spa, Warwick,  Henley in Arden, Warwickshire  and all villages in-between.

Get in touch so Diggory can help start you on the journey to a dee-cluttered life. Call Dee on 0770 104 7671, and let’s get a date in the diary!

Dee-clutter for a simpler life…