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If you walk your dog on the racecourse you may recognise this handsome fellow. His name is Algy, he is 10, and up until a few months ago, our little prince had very stiff joints,…READ MORE

I have searched for years to find a hairdressers that can actually style hair as well as cut it, someone who actually listens to what I want instead of practising on my head and creating…READ MORE

British designers, Tulip and Nettle have designed a charming collection of Award Winning children’s clothes, that captures the innocence of a time gone by. They say “Tulip and Nettle children’s clothes are made FOR children…READ MORE

Being a mum is a wonderful privilege; sadly it didn’t happen for us; but I was a nanny for many years and so I know how important it is to get out of the house…READ MORE

We love our ‘Product’ how many times do we go to the hairdressers and come back with a new beauty promise? Your hairdresser puts it on your hair, you love the way it looks, ‘it…READ MORE

When Diggory’s services are engaged to declutter a bedroom, whether it be an adults or a child’s, the decluttering and organising of the clothes is a major part of this process. For those items such…READ MORE

It’s human nature to get excited when we commit to a new journey; and this applies to a person having made the decision to declutter. Sometimes that excitement can manifest itself into action of the…READ MORE