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Recently I attended a child’s third birthday party, it was a lot of fun, and everyone had a great time, but I was left wondering what are we teaching our children? Plastic makes our lives…READ MORE

As a child, my mother made most of our clothes for my sisters and I, and she favoured little dresses such as these charming little dresses from Bread and Jam and when I saw them,…READ MORE

It is not easy to be a woman with strong maternal instincts never having had a baby and therefore no pram to push! I love babies, and would have been a wonderful mother, but it…READ MORE

Some things really capture my imagination, You are Art is one of those things. Fabulous contemporary pop art portraits created from photos. All of the art they currently produce is created by You Are Art’s…READ MORE

All parents know that when you travel in a car with children, you need to be prepared and have activities to keep them occupied, otherwise, it may turn into a very long journey indeed! So…READ MORE

One of our favourite Blogs is BloesomKids they have some wonderful craft ideas that you and your children can spend time together making. This is a daddy hug. The little boy who made it was…READ MORE

On Shrove Tuesday people traditionally cook and eat pancakes; the reason for this was to use up foods such as fats and milk before Lent. I love pancakes; well I’m Yorkshire so anything with flour…READ MORE

When I was a little girl, ‘feeling special’, with two sisters and a brother was a rare thing, our mother’s time was spread pretty thin, but I always felt loved. As children we really weren’t…READ MORE

These baskets are all from a company called Design Vintage which has stores in Chichester and a recently opened store in Brighton. The founder, Lisa Brass, who has been obsessed with interiors and all things…READ MORE

Originating from Gånghester, Sweden way back in 1928, Eton have grown in reputation. The young couple, David and Annie Pettersson, had both a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship, which later revolutionised the complete…READ MORE