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The perfect white shirt, elegant, simple and essential. The Shirt Company run by New Zealand born designer Donna Middleton designs the white shirt in its purest form. Her inspiration for her collection is drawn from…READ MORE

Childhood is a special time and it’s amazing looking back how much I remember, our highchair for one. Just like our Silver Cross pram it served all four of us children, through every meal of…READ MORE

I blogged about  these darling little hats several years ago in 2008. At the time, they had just launched with a range of new-born and toddler hats shaped like fruit, vegetables and flowers. These unique,…READ MORE

A few years ago now, I got caught in the rain whilst out walking Algy, our dog, and was totally soaked and cold to the bone. Whilst I went upstairs to sort my dishevelled self…READ MORE

One day, Artist Holly-Anne Rolfe stumbled upon the idea of making a drawing of her house into a rubber stamp and was so pleased with the result that she decided to see if other people…READ MORE

If you are new to my blog you should know I love dogs, I can’t pass a dog in the street without saying hello, especially the shaggy ones - they usually have the biggest personalities….READ MORE

We’re not all in the position to own or have access to a garage, some of us live in apartments or houses without a garage, so where do we leave our bikes to ensure they…READ MORE

Do you struggle with your children to get them to hang up their coats and bags when they return from school or an outing? Are you constantly picking up after them? Do you often see…READ MORE

Sometimes I come across a designer whose work simply makes my heart skip a beat - their designs are just that beautiful. I find myself just staring at these gorgeous cushions and marvelling at their…READ MORE

When functionality and design meet - this is what you get, a beautiful piece of art that compels you to look at it - for me it has a hypnotic effect that induces a feeling…READ MORE