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Over the years I have spent a small fortune on gym membership, from the serious sweat boxes, where you needed a peg on your nose just to get through the door; to the gyms where…READ MORE

If you know me, you will know I love cake! But I have to be very strict with myself as I recently went up to a size 12 and I really didn’t feel like ‘me’,…READ MORE

Most of us have a bucket list, or at least considerations of what we would like to achieve in our lifetime. My list is quite long, but very near the top is the intention to…READ MORE

In the summer Nick and I attended a good friends wedding at Notley Abbey Buckinghamshire and had a wonderful time sharing in their happiness and meeting old friends and new. I was intrigued to hear…READ MORE

I love activities for children that allow them to express their creativity and develop their self-esteem; to interact with others and learn new skills. I understand that electronic gadgets such as Game Boy and Xbox…READ MORE

I know it seems hard to believe, but there are only 29 sleeps until Christmas Day and as any parent can attest, that is a long time to be bombarded with the same question. Having…READ MORE

Charles Kimpton, the owner and designer of Leporello furniture has designed a wonderful collection of beautifully hand-crafted painted beds for children. Whenever a Diggory client asks me for a recommendation for children’s beds, the first…READ MORE

Whatever I am creating, whether it’s decorating a room or designing elements of the garden, I always look to external sources for inspiration. One of my absolute highlights of each month is to trawl through…READ MORE

I love to wear linen, it gives me a feeling of relaxed elegance and one of my favourite designers is Terry Macey and Angelika Elsebach. Their clothes are unique, born out of two people’s passion…READ MORE

I love these little booties, they are super cute, they come if four colours and made by Just who are amongst the leading brands of sheepskin footwear in the United Kingdom. They recommend they should…READ MORE